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We are developing novel therapies and groundbreaking early diagnostics for the hundreds of millions of people in underserved populations worldwide who endure painful diseases with no treatment options — and have no voice in their own care.

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A pipeline of synergistic, highly differentiated diagnostic and drug candidates leveraging our novel cellular metabolism approach.

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We see health and wellness from the patient's perspective. That’s why we’re developing holistic treatments to detect and treat disease while nurturing overall wellbeing. Our goal? To break through the disparities that exist across gender, race, culture, and geography as we deliver the care and compassion you deserve.

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Ground-breaking Human Trial by Temple Therapeutics Solves 187-year-old Surgical Mystery of Eradicating Painful Adhesions

Rope-like bands of internal scar tissue that form in 70-90% of patients who undergo abdominal surgery have bedeviled patients and surgeons since medical literature history’s recording of adhesions in 1836


Temple Therapeutics Reveals Breakthrough Findings on Ovarian Cancer at AACR 2023

LMTK3 as prognostic marker for ovarian cancer and TTX335o, award-winning drug candidate with tumor-killing activity, presented as game-changing treatment for women


Hope for Ovarian Cancer?

Attempts to overcome drug resistance are central to both clinical and basic molecular research in cancer chemotherapy.


Possible Solution to Endometriosis?

This article is not like my previous blogs. This one is more research orientated and somehow I believe in this one strongly.


Vulva Vestibulitis

Vulva vestibulitis or localized provoked vulvodynia (LPV) is when there is pain in your vestibule, the portion of the vulva surrounding the opening of the vagina.


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