Meets Inclusivity.

Our goal is to make the temple of healing available to all, especially women who suffer pain and anxiety due to untreated medical conditions.


Life-changing Therapeutics.

Applying the most advanced scientific innovations to the development and approval of treatments and early detection diagnostics for tissue fibrosis, endometriosis, and ovarian cancer.


TTX333, TTX330

Inspired by a belief that medical progress must be available to all, our mission is to serve the underserved and provide access to effective and safe treatment options through our focus on research and new health technologies.


TTX333, TTX330

A world in which gynecological health is destigmatized, early diagnostics lead to less invasive treatments, and healthcare is accessible and holistic—addressing physical, mental, and social


TTX333, TTX330

Using input from patients and doctors, we identify where treatments are lacking, then develop therapies, diagnostics, and devices to achieve bold outcomes, driven by bold visions.


TTX333, TTX330

Our therapeutics will bridge the gender and socioeconomic healthcare gap, improve long-term health and well-being outcomes, and empower women to fully engage in their communities.

Our areas of focus—and the diseases and conditions we are tackling—are interrelated, which enables us to take a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. Did you know that 70 percent of women who have endometriosis suffer from adhesion? Endometriosis is treated with surgery, but surgery can lead to adhesions. Temple’s drug that’s administered during surgery—our “surgi-ceutical”—minimizes fibrotic tissue and encourages healthy tissue at the surgical site.

Similarly, women with endometriosis have a 50 percent greater risk of developing ovarian cancer. This increased risk underscores the importance of bringing to market a blood biomarker test like the one we’re developing to catch more tumors at less advanced stages. The common denominator that unites tissue fibrosis, endometriosis, and ovarian cancer is the diagnostic odyssey. At Temple, we are singleminded in our commitment to reducing the time to diagnosis to help women like you reclaim their lives.


Driven by the motto “be good, do good,” we believe that success for stakeholders, researchers, doctors, partners, and the community can only be achieved by making patients healthier and happier—and that the first step in any treatment plan is to listen to patients and take them seriously.


Cutting-edge Technology

Led by top scientific minds, our goal is to develop innovations for early detection and targeted interventions.

Balance and Well-being

Acknowleging the intersection of physical, mental, and emotional health, we work to restore homeostasis at the cellular level and infuse equilibrium into all aspects of life.

Access for All

We are committed to ending gender healthcare disparities, improving access to care in underserved communities, and recognizing and respecting all voices.

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