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Possible Solution to Endometriosis?

Oxidative Stress – Molecular hydrogen – Antioxidants – Endometriosis

This article is not like my previous blogs. This one is more research orientated and somehow I believe in this one strongly. First, I am not a medical doctor and I am not providing any medical advice. This is simply my views as a sufferer of endometriosis and my quest to bring information to people.  This also is a request to the medical authorities and healthcare department to look into it more thoroughly and find a systematic, regular basis (monthly/ weekly) treatment for endometriosis patients – Antioxidants based or molecular hydrogen based therapy to target the oxidative stress may be something to explore more in.

Recent studies have put the attention on the role of oxidative stress, defined as an imbalance between reactive oxygen species (ROS) and antioxidants, which may be implicated in the pathophysiology of endometriosis causing a general inflammatory response in the lower abdomen. Studies have been conducted on female rats with endometriosis and Effects of Hydrogen Gas Inhalation on Endometriosis in Rats. Few research papers have also been published that included human study for oxidative stress and Endo.

A systematic review was performed to clarify the different roles of oxidative stress and its role in the development of endometriosis. I have shared links of these studies below for further reference. Several issues have been investigated: iron metabolism, oxidative stress markers (in the serum, peritoneal fluid, follicular fluid, peritoneal environment, ovarian cortex, and eutopic and ectopic endometrial tissue), genes involved in oxidative stress, endometriosis-associated infertility, and cancer development.

Oxidative stress, defined as a disturbance in the balance between the production of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) and antioxidant defences, is discussed in relation to its possible role in the production of tissue damage. In many cases Molecular hydrogen could be a preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various diseases.

I for one, would definitely volunteer for a therapy that can treat endometriosis without using hormones or surgery.  It seems that oxidative stress markers may be able to pick up the disease early and maybe that is the trick, since diagnosis takes so long while the disease worsens.

Here are the links to a few articles which explain in detail my observations and study –