Steven Damon

CEO 4P Therapeutics Previous VP of Altea, Durect, Kimberly Clark

Mr. Damon has over 20 years of experience with various business roles in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. He currently serves as the President and CEO of 4P Therapeutics, a company he founded in 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Before founding 4P Therapeutics, Steve led the Business Development team at Altea Therapeutics as the company’s Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development. Prior to joining Altea Therapeutics, Steven Damon was a member of the senior management team at Durect Corporation in Cupertino, Ca, where he served as Executive Director for Business and Corporate Development in addition was President of Absorbable Polymers International. He was previously a senior management member of the Professional Health Care team at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, with lead responsibilities for commercial development of the healthcare business in Europe and key responsibilities for a number of major acquisition deals.

Steve currently serves on the Board of Directors for Georgia BIO.  He also serves as a mentor for the Georgia Tech and Emory TiGER program.  Steve is a Business and Corporate Development consultant for Femasys an Atlanta based women’s health care company.


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