Temple Therapeutics B.V. is a Dutch based private clinical stage therapeutic development company. Its strong team and prestigious academic collaborations have valiantly pulled together a synergistic portfolio of highly differentiated drug products leveraging its novel cellular metabolism approach. Each product with the sheer potential to transform patient outcomes, set standards of care and establish reference leadership within hospital, acute care and surgery, endometriosis and oncology, particularly resistant cancers. 

We serve the underserved and neglected disease areas that predominatly impact women.  We are committed to tackle those diseases that others choose to ignore despite the large global unmet medical need.

TTX-333 Evitar™ First in Class Drug Candidate and Next Generation in Prevention of Surgically Induced Tissue Fibrosis

First Surgiceutical approach to preventing post operative tissue fibrosis due to abdominal/pelvic surgeries



Novel combination of a human safe polymer and drug candidate to prevent adhesive capsulitis following shoulder surgery


TTX 334Dx Translating a novel biomarker into a non-invasive blood test for diagnosing endometriosis

Novel Biomarker showing promise as a potential non-invasive blood test for diagnosing endometriosis (Phase 2 expected to complete H1-2021)

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