Evitar™ is a proprietary peptide comprised of endogenous amino acids, formulated in an aqueous form. When administered into the peritoneal cavity at the time of surgery it has been demonstrated, through the use of known peritoneal inflammatory biomarkers, to prevent post-surgery adhesions.

Post operative adhesions or fibrosis/scar tissue is a major medical problem with no current viable solution for laparoscopic surgeries.  It leads to reduced clinical outcomes, high hospital readmission rates, reduced quality of life for patients and is a leading cause of medical lawsuits. In the case of OB GYN, can lead to serious and societal expensive complications such infertility, intestinal obstruction and pelvic pain.

Evitar™ addresses this unmet medical need by preventing post-surgery adhesions in both laparoscopic and laparotomic procedures. Management has a well crafted strategy to bring this First in Class Drug pharmaceutical approach to market that deals safely and effectively with post-operative fibrotic or scar tissue. This type of scarring occurs in 93% of procedures and is a worldwide major concern for surgeons, patients and the health care system.

Medical devices based on untargeted mechanisms of action (e.g. “barrier”-type, colloid osmotic agent) currently serve the market for open surgery. However, market leaders Seprafilm® (Genzyme) and Interceed® (Ethicon) are not adapted for or approved by the FDA for laparoscopic surgery, are time consuming and are considered by surgeons as difficult to apply.

Download the Evitar Overview PDF.

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