Clinical Data

Clinical Trials(ICH-GCP Compliant)

Evitar™ (TTX 333)

Unprecedented Efficacy Data


Current products ineffective at preventing incidence of adhesions in laparoscopic surgeries.


Study Design

Double-blind, placebo controlled randomized trial PLUS three blinded independent medical reviewers
25%-33% of patients undergoing laparoscopy  myomectomies develop adhesions (Hermann & Widle 2015)



89.8% reduction in risk of developing ANY adhesions compared to those who received placebo
At least a 5x improvement over placebo; p=0.0456
No safety signals or AE’s or SAE’s



EvitarTM is an effective and promising safe drug to PREVENT adhesion formation after laparoscopy surgery

Figure 1: Percentage of patients developing any adhesions

Table 1: Number of patients developing adhesions placebo vs Evitar treatment

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