Focus on Underserved and Untapped Markets

Our vision is to transform lives.

Although health, economic, political and social advancements have improved for some over the past 200 years, there is significant work yet to be done for many. We are committed to listening to women  from all corners of the world, understanding their stories, and championing innovation to improve their health and lives.

We do this by working with the best in the world to discover and develop innovative, clinically impactful first-in-class therapies and diagnostics. Establishing new standard of care for suffering women in large underserved and untapped indications.

  We focus on abnormal tissue growth and dysfunction which we believe lies at the heart of many of the diseases impacting women. 

  Temple aims to modify disease, such as endometriosis, or find treatment options to recurrent, sensitive, and metastatic cancers.

  We develop products that unlock the body’s intrinsic capacity to restore balance: Your body is your Temple.



Temple's Ethos:

  • We believe success is achieved when lives are truly improved.
  • We believe the status quo and current paradigms must be challenged to create breakthroughs.
  • We believe trust, integrity and transparency add long term value.
  • We believe people, partnerships and open collaboration are indispensable to innovation.
  • We believe to serve patients, invest in our people and the community are the only way to translate benefit to shareholders and stakeholders.

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