Jul 2021

Why Sugar is so Detrimental to Your Period

  • By: Samantha Denäe

Sugar, the lover and culprit in many of our lives. We love it but often times it does not really love us back. Have you ever wondered why we crave sugar during that time of the month? Did you know that sugar adds to painful periods and can aggravate your PMS symptoms? 

By nature, sugar is inflammatory. It increases the blood supply in the uterus, which will lead to extreme water retention that causes abdomen pain. 

Estrogen and progesterone controls the menstrual cycles and blood glucose. When the body experiences fluctuations in blood sugar levels it is typically attributed to a certain point within the monthly cycle. 

We crave sugar because our body’s response begins to change once PMS begins during our menstrual cycle. The insulin levels in the body becomes fluctuated because of how estrogen and progesterone responds to insulin. When this happens, the insulin affects the blood sugar levels which in turn, triggers cortisol levels. 

Magnesium and whether you are deficient or not also can cause a heavy craving with sugar. Magnesium is a very essential nutrient within our bodies and a natural muscle relaxant which can help prevent and/or sometimes prevent period symptoms altogether. If you crave sugar a lot, you could be magnesium deficient. 

If you consume too much sugar, sometimes any sugar when living with Endometriosis, it will cause painful period cramps and bloating. Bloating becomes more aggravated when consuming sugar causing acidity and gas in addition to abdominal cramping and pain. 

Eating a lot of sugar before and/or during your period can cause acne to increase and can also cause hormonal imbalance, leading to oestrogen dominance, high levels of estrogen. This creates womb related issues like fibroids and speeds up the growth of Endometriosis and breast tissue, causing fibrocystic breasts (Changes of the breasts that are non cancerous, which gives the a breast a lumpy or rope-like texture). Symptoms of oestrogen dominance includes heavy and painful periods, weight gain and fluid retention. 

Although it is not easy, curbing your craving for sugar will be very beneficial if you suffer from womb related issues and painful period pain. When that time of the month comes, try to consume other foods that will be lighter and more helpful for your body to pass as it sheds your uterine lining during your period.

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