Sep 2021

To all the Science Gods….A plea from all who suffer from endometriosis!

  • By: Priyanka Shinde

You could fly to the moon 456 times before getting an Endometriosis Diagnosis, study finds. - Alice Broster of Forbes recently published an article that gives a peek into the life of women suffering from Endometriosis.

In the time it takes for women to obtain an accurate diagnosis, she could - 

  • fly to the moon 456 times,
  • run 14,231 marathons,
  • climb mount Everest 45 times! - Ughhh. This one got me. 

I have said this before - #1in10 women! Currently, 200 million+ women are affected by this disease around the world. For us, this journey to the right diagnosis averages between 7 to 12 years. In some cases, it takes more than 14 years to just diagnose. And trust me, it's not just about the numbers here. As physically tiring as this sounds, it breaks us mentally too. But here comes the tough part - POST DIAGNOSIS. 

It takes more than 2-3 years to settle down and pinpoint one particular treatment that might or might not suit you! Throw in a few surgeries there and hey! I feel like purchasing a permanent residency in one of the hospital wards. All of those CT scans, MRIs, sonograms, and they tell you they can't exactly tell you how bad it is unless they open you up! 

Three months post my excision surgery for endometriosis + adenomyosis and I am still not sure where my health condition stands, other than the fact that my Doctor smiling at me and telling me – “Oh Priyanka, we are gonna see each other a lot henceforth.” Get used to it. Don't get me wrong, my doctor is almost as cute as my Grandpa, and so the only occasions I wish to see him on are festivals. 

Oh all the medical and science Gods, find a cure already! 


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