Sep 2018

Evitar™, a new paradigm of preventing adhesions published in Reproductive Sciences

  • By: Temple Therapeutics B.V.

Temple Therapeutics B.V.'s vision is to “Challenge, Collaborate, Create” to bring innovative, impactful therapies which simplify and increase quality of life.  Achievement of which must be rooted in evidence, driven by science and the method of questioning.

For 129 years, since Dembrowski’s first publication about post surgical adhesions, complete prevention is still elusive.  Advancement in science and those willing to challenge the paradigms led to the hypothesis that adhesion formation is the end result of an amplified fibrotic process.  Led by Temple's Chief Scientific Officer, Lynne Robertson, PhD.  and in collaboration with leading minds in adhesion research (King, PhD., Saed, PhD., & Diamond, MD), Temple has created a new paradigm with Evitar™,  a possibility in finally preventing adhesion formation. The publication includes data which demonstrates that novel drug candidate Evitar  targets key upstream fibrotic mediators, such Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1 Alpha (HIF1-α) and Type 1 Collagen, responsible for acute tissue fibrosis, which if not corrected, leads to adhesion formation. The team is proud of this achievement. 

Later this year, at the 47th Global Congress of AAGL meeting in Las Vegas, Principal investigator, Dr. Donna Chizen, will share results of a Gold Standard plus trial (included 3 independent blinded reviewers).  Evitar™ is the first single dose therapeutic peptide critically evaluated in a double blind randomized controlled study to prevent post operative adhesions.

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