Mar 2021

Chemically Filled Sanitary Products and Why They’re Harmful

  • By: Samantha Denäe

Sanitary pads and tampons are staples for period maintenance but for years they have probably been one of the causes of our debilitating period problems. Unbeknownst to us, most sanitary products on the shelves like Kotex, Always, Stayfree, Carefree,  and others we are accustomed to have chemicals in them that are harmful to our bodies. Until recently, if you looked for the ingredient labels on sanitary products you would not find them, as most brands label their products as 100% cotton, but what else do these important items contain?

For starters, most products are not made with cotton but actually synthetics like Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) or Rayon and are bleached with chlorine. Cotton sanitary products are not typically made of organic cotton, but traditionally grown cotton instead. Because of this, these sanitary products contain harmful substances such as:

  • Dioxins and furan, which due to the byproducts of the bleaching process, can be toxic to the reproductive system and is linked to cancer and disruption of the endocrine.
  • Pesticide residues, also linked to cancer, have been discovered in products that are made with traditionally grown cotton.
  • Fragrances or scented pads may contain chemicals that are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and allergies.

These chemicals can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), can increase the flow of your period and increase your period cramps. It is important to remember that pads and tampons are in and around the most intimate of places on your body for an extended amount of time, especially when living with Endometriosis, and due to its sensitivity, what you absorb is crucial. 

Luckily, as times continue to evolve, so does sanitary products and there are a plethora of brands and products you can try to help make your period journey healthier. Organic pads and tampons are becoming more easily accessible and affordable. Brands such as The Honey Pot Co., Seventh Generation, L Pads and more are creating products that are safe for the body and period. Additionally, there are menstrual cups that are environmentally friendly and safe as well as period panties like Thinx. Whatever you may prefer that is comfortable for you and your body, please consider trying organic products for your period to see if it decreases any of your symptoms. Understand that sanitary products that are chemically filled and are harmful is a detriment to your reproductive health and your overall health in the long run. 

Try the switch and see how much your body loves it!

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